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About Elite Seafood

Elite Seafood is a trading and production company that, through its purchases on the Danish auctions, supplies most of the species which can be caught in the North Sea, Skagerak, Cattegat, and the Baltic Sea. Based on a well-established contact network of fishermen around the lakes in Sweden, Elite Seafood also supplies the whole range of freshwater fish.

Why us?

Large network

We are best when we co-operate. Since the beginning of our existence, we have been aware of the importance of having great collaborating partners. Consequently, we have built a large network of suppliers and logistic providers that help us, and hence, improve the experience for our customers.


We always strive to providing a comfortable and frictionless customer experience. Therefore, we are always available to customers on local languages, in case one has questions or wants counselling.


We attach great honour to providing fresh fish in top quality. Thus, we select fish from the areas we trust. We possess great knowledge of the Nordic waters, which we take advantage of in terms of purchasing fresh fish in top quality, every day.

Large selection

We offer a large range of fish and shellfish in the best quality, all year. Hence, we make sure to achieving spot-on accomplishments, regardless of the season. Furthermore, fish from the Icelandic waters also make up a part of our selection.


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