Fish experts

We are experts in selecting, purchasing, and delivering fish in the highest quality. We continuously seek improvements - both in terms of customers and suppliers.

Elite Seafood supplies fish from Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Our head office is located in Thisted.



Elite Seafood’s story began before the establishment of Elite Seafood. In the 90s, the partners of Elite Seafood worked at a Swedish company. In 2002, they acquired the Danish department from the Swedish department. Thus, Elite Seafood was established.

Our story

Since 2002, it has been a vision for Elite Seafood to supply fresh fish and shellfish in top quality, nationally, and internationally. Since the establishment, Elite Seafood, as a trading and production company, has created value for its customers by being a market leader in terms of quality and reliability. Through daily purchases on the Danish auctions, Elite Seafood supplies most of the species which can be caught in the North Sea, Skagerak, Cattegat, and the Baltic Sea.


In 2016, Elite Seafood Iceland ehf was established. This department in Iceland has implied an expansion of the product range, as well as the opportunity to sell commodities for further processing.

Elite Seafood prioriterer langsigtede relationer. Det betyder, at vi i dag har et veletableret kontaktnet af leverandører, transportører og samarbejdspartnere. Eksempelvis kan vi via et veludbygget kontaktnet med fiskere på de svenske søer, dagligt levere hele sortimentet af ferskvandsfisk.

Given that Elite Seafood attaches most importance to quality and freshness of products, by negotiating deals with our transport partners, we have made sure that our products are delivered to all significant fish markets in Europe, every day. We always seek to deliver as fast as possible from the production facilities to costumers in the remaining Europe.

In 2019, we established the subsidiary company, Arctic Salar ApS, which sells frozen seafood-products. This is mainly biproducts from the production of salmon and is meant for both the consumption and petfood-segment.


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