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Elite Seafood A/S’ product range includes cod, plaice, coal fish, pollack, hake, ling, haddock, sole, smear dab, turbot, witch flounder, monkfish, piked dogfish, ray, herring, whiting, salmon, trout, bivalve, Norway Lobster, lobster, shrimp, and freshwater fish. The products can be delivered unmanufactured as raw materials or processed accordingly to wishes and instructions from customers. All production takes place in production facilities that are HACCP-approved and approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

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Elite Seafood Iceland ehf offers Icelandic MSC-certified fish. The fish are sorted and weighted in our sorting plants in our own production facilities. Consequently, we provide our customers with products of accurate weight and size. This creates great value for our customers.

We offer freshwater fish from a selection of Swedish lakes through an exclusive network of fish suppliers that are connected to Elite Seafood in a closed system. The fish are caught, cooled, sorted, and packed immediately. This implies that the quality and shelf life of the fish are optimised to the maximum. Elite Seafood has had this network since the 90s. In the Swedish lakes, the primary species of fish, included in our product range, are zander, pike, and perch.

Elite Seafood er til stede på samtlige danske auktioner hver dag med egne opkøbere. Vi er leveringsdygtige i alle sorter og arter der indgår i de daglige landinger. Vores danske fisk bliver skåret, pakket og er klar til transport samme dag som de kommer i havn.

Through many years, Elite Seafood has built a strong network of reliable Norwegian suppliers of fresh fish. Therefore, our customers have access to the best Norwegian fish.
Through many years, Elite Seafood has cooperated with a variety of fish suppliers from the Estonian islands. We provide customers with both fillets and whole fish from Estonia.

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